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Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt

Plan a trip with family or friends and enjoy a few days of sightseeing and the best golf in Barcelona




The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the ways we interact and our way of enjoying leisure time. However, it is time to start planning your holidays for sightseeing and enjoying some outdoor sports. During the months of the pandemic, golf has been one of the fastest growing activities, demonstrating the safety that this sport provides during its practice. That is why many golf fans and some new lovers of this sport, have decided to choose it as a new hobby to escape from the current situation. This makes it the perfect time to get to know the best golf in Barcelona.

The news around the pandemic, with increasing vaccination figures, more flexible travel protocols and the development of the European vaccination passport, meanwhile that little by little we begin to consider the possibility of resuming our golf and vacation trips. It is here where the different travel options that lie ahead begin to be considered, in which three fundamental parameters must be met: safety, fun and respect for the new COVID-free conditions.

This first vacation destination should also bring together a series of services that allow organizing a trip where all members can enjoy relaxing days. Whether you organize a golf trip with friends, or if you organize a family trip, it is important that these different leisure lines are covered so that they complement a great golf holidays in Barcelona.

To do this, you have to choose a consolidated destination that has more than complied with all these aspects previously, added to the development of COVID-Free protocols, which allow a safe and fun experience. A remarkable and varied gastronomy, an important monumental complex to visit, complete and accessible communications, a powerful cultural program and a range of sporting possibilities, are some of the factors that can perfectly complement your golf trip.

For golf practice it is important to properly choose a golf course that is easily accessible from the city and that has all the services to make your trip a unique experience. The Sant Vicenç de Montalt golf course has a unique location, fifteen minutes from the city of Barcelona ​​and a par 70 course where players of all levels can enjoy. Its 4793 meters from yellow bars, with 6 par 3, 4 par 5 and 8 par 4, make Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt a fun route where you can enjoy a few days with friends or family.


Enjoy a complete city and play golf in Barcelona


The city of Barcelona is one of the tourist references at a European level, with more than 12 million tourists during 2019 according to sources from the Barcelona City Council, being a record number with the data prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, this cosmopolitan city includes an important gastronomic offer, services, leisure, culture, history, fashion and sports.

The city of Barcelona has around 4000 years of history, dating the first remains found in the Neolithic. However, it will not be until Roman times, around the 1st century BC, when an official foundation of the city is established. The city has grown over the centuries and is currently a modern city and a European benchmark, being very important in different historical periods such as the Middle Ages, the 19th century (with the Eixample Plan and Modernism as champions) or the Spanish Civil War, since the city was one of the last centers of resistance of the Second Republic.

This important historical baggage is well reflected in the cultural and monumental heritage of the city. Of course, the legacy of Gaudí and his famous Sagrada Familia or the Badjo and Milá Houses, the works of numerous modernist authors, the Eixample Plan by Ildefonso Cerdá, the magic of the Gothic quarter or the imposing image of the Castle of Barcelona, ​​presiding over the top of Montjuïc. These buildings and many more will be an ideal architectural complement for a golf holidays in Barcelona.

Barcelona is also one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in all of Europe, being a benchmark in fashion, marketing, research or technology. The city has hosted numerous congresses and scientific or technological events, highlighting the celebration of the Mobile World Congress since 1987, the world’s largest mobile technology congress.

The year 1992 marked a before and after in the sports scene of Barcelona by hosting the Olympic Games. This fact increased the sports infrastructures of the city. To this is added that it has some of the best sports clubs in the world such as FC Barcelona and a very important sports offer, with golf in Barcelona being one of the aspects to highlight. Just fifteen minutes from the city you can find Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt as one of the golf courses in Barcelona that stands out most within a golf vacation destination that grows year after year.

Gabriel García Márquez

– “I felt moved in that beautiful, lunatic and indecipherable city”-

We give you 5 keys to enjoy your golf vacation in Barcelona


 To enjoy a good golf holidays in Barcelona, ​​a series of factors must be taken into account that will improve your experience in Barcelona. The Catalan city offers many services that can perfectly complement your rounds of golf and make your vacation a unique experience. Here are 5 keys to make the most of your stay in Barcelona:


The best golf in Barcelona 15 minutes away


Just 15 minutes from the city you can enjoy the best golf in Barcelona. The Sant Vicenç de Montalt Golf course is the ideal location to enjoy a par 70 course with 4793 meters from yellow tees. The easy access that the Catalan countryside has from the city of Barcelona makes it an ideal option to combine your golf trip in Barcelona with other alternative leisure activities.

Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt is located a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, offering amazing views of the coast and the native flora of a local forest. The route is camouflaged with the local environment, where you can enjoy a pleasant and fun round of golf among the pines. The perfect place to enjoy golf in Barcelona and get to know the local fauna and flora.


The best flights communications


Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second largest airport in Spain. In 2019, with a total of 52.7 million passengers used its facilities, which helped it become the sixth busiest airport in Europe. This also provides you with a wide range of direct flights with the main Spanish and European cities, making easier your trip to Barcelona and bringing golf in Barcelona closer to your day-to-day life. Without a doubt, Barcelona airport is the best place to start and end your visit to the Barcelona golf courses.


An important cultural and monumental offer


The best complement to your golf holidays in Barcelona is to be able to enjoy a wide cultural and monumental offer where you can spend rest time between rounds of golf. For this reason, the Catalan city is perfect since it has around 55 museums to visit. In addition, we must add the obligatory visits to the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or the Badjo and Milá Houses.

Barcelona is also one of the main centers of fashion, technology, culture and leisure in Europe. The city has numerous urban activities to enjoy and discover all the corners that make it one of the delicacies of the Mediterranean. Visiting the Gothic Quarter, learning about the secrets of “La Catedral del Mar” or visiting the exhibitions at the Fira de Barcelona are some of the plans that you can also do during your stay in Barcelona.


A luxury gastronomy


Barcelona is one of the European cities with more restaurants with a Michelin star, since up to 23 restaurants in Barcelona have this award. But we must also add a very wide range of establishments where you can enjoy all kinds of culinary variety, both traditional and typical food of the city, as well as international food.

During your visit to Barcelona, ​​it is important that you do not forget to visit some of the typical restaurants where you can enjoy emblematic Barcelona dishes such as Canelones, Coca Catalana, Suquet de Peix or Escalivada. These are some of the dishes of the traditional cuisine of this Mediterranean city.

The widest variety of quality accommodation


The city of Barcelona has a wide range of accommodation for all tourists who choose this destination as their ideal place to spend their golf holidays. Within this range of accommodation products, the 765 available hotels stand out, bringing together a total of 84,932 available rooms.

This hotel offer is joined by an important network of apartments, tourist accommodation and campsites that make Barcelona an ideal city to find the accommodation that best suits the travel conditions that you expect for both your friends and your family.

The ease of movement, the treatment and the quality of them make this network of establishments (whatever the type) become a fundamental ally when planning your golf holidays in Barcelona. This important data on accommodation availability makes it an ideal destination, where you can enjoy all kinds of golf vacations.

Know Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt


At Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt we can offer you the ideal golf course for your golf holidays in Barcelona. Our location, just 15 minutes from Barcelona, makes us the ideal route so that you can get to know both the city and its golf sports facilities.

If you are thinking of traveling to Barcelona and getting to know Barcelona, do not hesitate to visit us.

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