The Course - Golf Sant Vicenç
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The course

Recorrido campo de Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt
Hole 1

Hole 1 Golf Sant VicençOriented to the east with slight drop and protected by a large bunker on the right side of the green. The hole is on a slight downhill slope, difficult.


Par: 3
Handicap: 13

Hole 2

Hole 2 Golf Sant VicençNortheast oriented this short par 4 should not be neglected for it’s length. Possibly to achieve in one go by powerful players taking a few risks, due to the stream running through it, the ball drop and the lake that is situated at the front and right of the green. The hole is recommended to be played carefully, seeking to place the tee shot before the stream (with a sufficient margin) and preferably on the left side of the street, to play a green approach of 80 to 100 meters. The green has several platforms so the distance must be selected appropriately; anyway the left allows support without taking any risks.


Par: 4
Handicap: 7

Hole 3

Hole 3 Golf Sant VicençNortheast oriented this short par 3 is well protected by bunkers and trees. The green with two platforms and the fact that it plays uphill require careful selection of club (we recommend a club more than strictly necessary for the distance), if you don’t wish for a complicated approach or complicated putt.


Par: 3
Handicap: 15

Hole 4

Hole 4 Golf Sant VicençParallel to the highway and oriented to the west, it is the longest hole on the course. From the tee the landing area of drive can be controlled perfectly, situated between two streams that run through it, though spacious and making for easy collection of the ball. From this part of the street, the most fortunate may choose to hit the green directly, for which they must get past three deep bunkers protecting the green. However, the usual game play consists of placing a second blow to the fairway (well protected by a wooded area) to enjoy a posterior approach of 70-100 meters. The green is visible from every hole, and has various levels.


Par: 5
Handicap: 5

Hole 5

Hole 5 Golf Sant VicençThis short par 3, facing south, is a nice hole for the game. It has a large, inviting green, but which in turn is well protected along its left side by bunkers and a natural slope. The two levels and the uphill of the green, make for careful club selection; however, the right side of the hole will help those not as experienced to approach the flag without taking excessive risks.


Par: 3
Handicap: 17

Hole 6

Hole 6 Golf Sant VicençWhen played downhill, this par 5 is reachable in two shots by those players who in addition to power and precision dare to overcome the stream that defends the green at the front. The drive must be placed in a wide landing area whose amplitude is partially hidden by the existing trees on both sides (a large cedar on the left and large casuarina trees on the right). The second hit, a run with a medium iron should be placed on a sloping area to allow a precision approach to an elongated green, heavily protected by the stream. It is the first hole that places the player at the bottom of the course.


Par: 5
Handicap: 3

Hole 7

Hole 7 Golf Sant VicençThis short par 4 has a green heavily protected by the main lake of the course. Getting out, should be played with caution and, a shorter access to the, highest first level can be chosen to master the shot, but the shot should be made over the lake as frontally as possible. A longer shot (with the risk of it going out to the right) allows a flatter shot with less influence of the lake. The green is large, allowing good ball reception, and has gentle undulations across all its surface. In this area of the field water is the dominating theme and consequently skill and strategy are required. Hole oriented to the east.


Par: 4
Handicap: 9

Hole 8

Hole 8 Golf Sant VicençThis short par 4 plays uphill, and is oriented north. The fairway is wide and doesn’t present problems. Careful to the green with 4 levels and well protected.


Par: 4
Handicap: 11

Hole 9

Hole 9 Golf Sant VicençOne of the backbones of the field. This par 4 middle distance, sees difficulty increased by the fact that it is played slightly uphill. The fairway is wide and collects the ball on the right hand. The second shot must be aware of the water at the side and the three levels of the green. The right side of the hole allows support without risk, even at the cost of somewhat complicating the approach.


Par: 4
Handicap: 1

Hole 10

Hole 10 Golf Sant VicençThis is a demanding par 4 from the start, since it is played uphill, a greater distance allows a better view of the green for the second shot. The green is flanked by bunkers and trees laterally, but lets the ball roll in as it has taken into account the difficulty of the game uphill.


Par: 4
Handicap: 4

Hole 11

Hole 11 Golf Sant VicençSlightly downhill oriented southwest, between pine trees and a well protected green. Hole of medium difficulty that tests a good shot from the tee off.


Par: 3
Handicap: 14

Hole 12

Hole 12 Golf Sant VicençSlightly downhill, “dogleg” from right to left, runs between pine trees. Rather short hole, which requires a precise shot out and an “approach” that adjusts in difficulty to tee off accuracy.


Par: 4
Handicap: 8

Hole 13

Hole 13 Golf Sant VicençUphill oriented northwest, soft from right to left “dogleg”. The powerful player has the option of 2 strokes to reach the green if he knows how to circumvent the bunkers front protection. This hole quickly puts players in highest part of the estate with wonderful views.


Par: 5
Handicap: 12

Hole 14

Hole 14 Golf Sant VicençThe combination of an initial dip in the ground next to the tees with a slightly raised green make for a fun hole, with a bold, interesting land movement. The hole is oriented to the north overlooking the town of San Vicenç de Montalt. Like any average length par 3 hole, it is about skill, not power.


Par: 3
Handicap: 18

Hole 15

Hole 15 Golf Sant VicençDownhill, with spectacular sea views, south-facing location. The fairway is well protected by large bunkers to the left, making the game player “bogey”. A hole with very integrated into the ground with tee offs slightly raised.


Par: 4
Handicap: 6

Hole 16

Hole 16 Golf Sant VicençOriented to the east, middle distance. Green well protected which penalizes the “slice”.


Par: 3
Handicap: 16

Hole 17

Hole 17 Golf Sant VicençOriented to west. It runs parallel to the Mataro-Malgrat highway, forming a slight”dogleg” from right to left. Ample space on the right for “bogey” player. A hole that combines power with skill and strategy.


Par: 5
Handicap: 10

Hole 18

Hole 18 Golf Sant VicençWest oriented half-length with a well protected green and a drive that penalizes to the left. The “slice” works in favor of the natural slope, helping the game for the “bogey” player.


Par: 4
Handicap: 2